Online work from home to earn money


Earning online is not different from earning offline. The only difference is the internet makes it simple and faster to find the people who are willing to pay you for particular work done and another thing is you can connect to many different people or markets very easily. Now you have the opportunity to find any kind of online work-from-home job easily.

Don’t think making money online is easy only because it is simple and faster. Don’t fall for any “get rich quick” schemes that are available online on YouTube or Instagram gurus want to sell you.

Making money online takes a lot of dedicated hard and smart work. You need to master new skills and you probably would not make any money in your first 6 months. Take your time and think logically about why someone pays you. You only get paid if you sell something like any product or if you provide any services.

So if they pay you then you need to provide their services as per their requirement and within the stipulated time. Here is the challenging part, you need to be an expert yourself up to a certain level so that you can fulfill the above mention two criteria easily. If you can then you are ready to provide online services.

Most people can’t work on their skills for 3-6 months and are even not willing to do the hard work to master the fundamentals of online money-making (3 fundamentals of online money making).

This is why exactly very few percent of people succeed to make online money. The majority of people fail because they want to get instantly gratified. You can’t be like most of them and desire to make good money instantly. Even there are a lot of ways to make money online.


The 3 Fundamentals of Online Money Making

  1. Learn an in-demand valuable skill
  2. Choose a niche you love that you will cater to
  3. Position yourself as an expert

For the rest of these blog posts, I will guide you on how and where you get authentic and legit jobs that actually pay you real money.

It is most important to master at least one in-demand skill from an online money-earning standpoint.


Web design


Drawing, Logo Design



SEO ( search engine optimization)

At present, it is really simple to learn a skill because there are lots of free YouTube videos, articles, and books available online. All you need is to focus on one skill and master it. Start to do that and you will start making money online within 6-12 months. Remember that you are just one skill away from becoming wealthy.



online work from home to earn money

List of Best Online Jobs Work From Home in 2024

Your online search for authentic and legit online jobs and website comes to an end here. Here is the list of websites and jobs that pay real money for your hard work.


1. Become a Freelance Writer

At present, a good freelance writer is the most demanding market trend. There are a lot of writing-related works available in the market like SEO writing, blog post writing, and article writing. If you are passionate about writing then becoming a freelance writer is a good option. But before diving into this you need to specify the topic or the industry that you will write about.


You’re earning potential as a freelance writer?

Earning depends on your writing efficiency, your skills, how much time you spend on writing, and how you market your writing services. Here is a survey report I attached here from Make A Living Writing that shows 40% of freelance writers earned an average 10-15$ per hour. But do remember hourly rate will gradually increase and it depends on your skills and how you market your writing service.

How to find online freelance writing gigs?

ProBlogger Job Board

Problogger is a marketplace where you can find a ton of writing gigs. There are both part-time and full-time content writing projects available. Here is a screenshot of the ProBlogger job board for your reference.

 As a content writer, you need to simply pick one project that suits your skills and expertise and fill out the application form to start. This is an authentic site that will pay you real money for your hard work.



This is another good and authentic online marketplace for freelance services. You need to sign up, create your account, set up your writing gig, and start offering your freelance writing services.

I personally worked with Fiverr and the best thing is you don’t need to chase the clients for payments. As soon as you successfully complete the order, the money is transferred to your account. You don’t need to wait for a few weeks to get the payments. You will be paid instantly for the work done. But remember one thing, you will be paid only 80% of your order value and Fiverr will keep the remaining 20% as a commission fee.


2. Web Design Jobs

If you have working experience in web design and you know how to design a website, graphics, images, or logos then becoming a web design freelancer is a good choice for you.

As a freelance web designer, you can offer design-related things on a website. You can sell gigs related to landing page design, custom email signup forms design, header, footer, homepage, theme customization, and many more.


How much do beginner web designers make?

As a beginner freelance web designer, you have the opportunity to earn $20 to $30 per hour. But your average earning mostly depends on the complexity of the project and the client you pick. If you have a strong portfolio with good web design experience, you can easily attract a lot of high-paying customers.


Where to find web design jobs online?

There are a lot of good marketplaces where you can find this kind of gig but among them, Upwork and Flexjobs are the best to work with.

  1. UpworkUpwork is a well-known marketplace where you can find thousands of web design-related gigs. Here you will get two types of gigs depending on how you get paid, one is hourly and another is fixed price. Upwork will charge a 20% commission for both types of gigs.
  2. Flexjobs: Another good online marketplace is Flexjobs. Flexjobs offers real online jobs in more than 50 categories. You can find thousands of web design-related gigs also there.

3. SEO Jobs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a good choice for you if you have knowledge about how to optimize the website or any web page for ranking on the Google search results page (SRP). At present SEO industry is booming so there is a lot of opportunity for growth in the future.

Imagine if your website rank #01 on the Google search results page (SRPs) for any competitive keywords that your user search in Google search. Now due to ranking #01 in Google SERPs, a lot of people will visit your site and you have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars. Due to this reason, any website owner spends billions of dollars every year doing SEO.


How much SEO can earn?

If you mastered SEO skills and have a proven strategy for doing SEO then you can earn $20 to $40 per hour as a beginner SEO freelancer. You can charge your clients per hour or per-project basis.

According to research, conducted by the Search engine journal (SAJ), SEO agencies and freelancers are paid an average of $1800 per client per month.

Once you mastered the SEO skill and started generating results, you can attract high-paying clients by building a strong portfolio. But before doing so you have to prove your SEO strategy actually works and generates good SEO results.


Where to find SEO jobs to earn money online?

There are a lot of online marketplaces that provide opportunities for SEO professionals. Here are some best and most authentic sites you can join like Fiverr, Upwork, People per Hour, and Guru.

SEO Jobs on People Per HourPeoplePerHour is a trusted online community for freelancers. Here you can find thousands of SEO gigs online. You need to find the suitable one for you as per your location, industry type.

SEO Jobs on Guru: This is the platform where you can connect with quality brands to find freelance SEO jobs. Every year Guru paid $250 million dollars to freelancers worldwide. As a beginner, you could get a good opportunity here because SEO gigs available here are ranges from $10 to $1000 per hour.


4. Blogging Jobs

Blogging is one of the best online jobs and you can build a sustainable career as a blogger in the long run. But the problem is it is not a single-day job. If you want to be a successful blogger you need lots of patients, continuous work, and effort towards your blog. You need to build up an online audience and this is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, continuous effort, and dedication to your work.


How much a blogger can you earn from blogging?

As a successful blogger, you can earn a very good amount of money. It depends on the number of visitor visits to your blog and how you monetize your blog. Even a microblogging site can generate $1000 dollars in revenue per month easily. You can also make money quickly as a blogger by joining Fiverr, and Problogger, and starting blog services for others.


How to find blogging jobs as a beginner?

You can find online blogging jobs on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Problogger job boards. But the best way to find online blogging jobs is to connect with an expert full-time blogger. There are so many full-time bloggers who are outsourcing their tasks like;

  • Content writing
  • Web design
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • eBooks creation
  • SEO related stuff

As a beginner, what you can do to connect with an expert blogger? First, make a list of 5 to 10 successful bloggers in your industry who already making a good amount of money. You can search Google to find a list of the successful bloggers in your niche.

Then get in touch with them and told them that you are new to this industry and offer them free help. You can help them in so many ways including proofreading their existing content, website speed issues, helping with site SEO-related issues and the list goes on.

When you learn all this stuff quite efficiently then asked them for any reference so you can get work as a freelance blogger or asked them if they can offer any outsourcing jobs for you.

5. Digital Marketing Jobs

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital marketing industry is growing very fast. Almost all business owners want to shift their business journey offline to online.  There is a huge demand for a digital marketer who can help businesses to start online.

As a digital marketer, you have a lot of responsibilities like

  • Website or Blog management (content, SEO, email marketing)
  • Managing Social media (social media posting, connecting with followers, replying to messages)
  • Doing SEO (keyword research, site audits, content analysis, backlink building, etc)


How much do digital marketing jobs pay?

As a beginner, you can expect $10 to $30 per hour depending on the project. But if you are experienced you can earn as much as $5000 to $10,000 per month as a digital marketer.

According to ReliableSoft, the average hourly rate for all digital marketing consultants is $50 to $100.



Where to look for digital marketing jobs as a beginner? 

These two platforms are good for the digital marketer; you can use them to find real online jobs as a digital marketer.

6. Become an Online Tutor

After COVID-19, there is a boom in the online tutoring market. At present online tutoring, market is accelerating at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of over 15%. It will reach over a $112 billion dollar industry by 2023. So if you’re a teacher or you have teaching skills, you should definitely try online tutor jobs.


Earning potential for an online tutor?

If you teach English, then you could earn $10 to $30 per hour. Your earnings mostly depend on your education qualification and how much time you spend on the job.

If you teach an advanced subject like SAT Prep or calculus then you have the opportunity to earn $50 to $60 per hour.


Where to find online tutor jobs?

You can visit these online platforms to find real online tutor jobs.

7. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can offer thousands of online services;

  • creating posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for others
  • blog posting, editing, etc
  • Tech support of any product
  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • emails replay and the list goes on


Earning potential as a virtual assistant?

As a Beginner, you can expect $5 to $10 per hour. Once you have enough experience in this field and the ability to manage multitasks at the same time then you can expect to earn $50 or more as a VA. According to “Small Revolution” the average rate for the VA is shown in the attached picture.



Where to find virtual assistant jobs online?

Here are two platforms that provide virtual assistance jobs online.

8. Sell Photos Online

If you have a passion for taking pictures or if you are a great photographer then selling photos online is one of the best options for you. You can sell stock photos to vectors, graphics, and logos. Even if you are good at making digital image then there is some site looking for good digital art for selling online.


Earning potential for selling stock photos online?

Only selling photos online you can earn monthly 25 to 50 cents per image

But using platforms like 500px Prime you can earn a huge amount.  You’ll receive 60% net for every license sold (standard licenses are $250).


Where to sell photos online to make money?

Here is the list of the best online platform to sell your stock photos.

500px:  One of the biggest online platforms for selling photos is 500px. At present 15 million users from all over the world selling photos using this platform.

Shutterstock You can sell photos on Shutterstock also. It already paid billions of dollars to the worldwide community of contributors for the last 15 years. You can sell many things on their platforms like photos, vectors, illustrations, and many more.

9. Transcription Jobs

The main purpose of a transcription job is to convert a speech or audio file into an electronic text file. There are lots of industries that use transcription services but among them, the below-listed industries use transcription services most of the time.

  • Business (marketing, real estate, and so on)
  • Legal
  • Medical purposes

You can expect $ 1 to $1.5 per audio file but mostly it depends on the length of the audio file. The best part of doing a transcription job is you can offer a few more services and charge some extra money for that services like

  • Provide Subtitle File
  • BITC (Burnt-In Time code)
  • Strict Verbatim

One of the most widely used transcription services industries is the medical industry. Medical transcription is a method of converting medical dictation (digital file) into electronic textual format. If you are interested in transcription jobs then you must try medical transcription jobs.


Where to find transcription jobs and gigs online

Here are some authentic sites that will pay you real money for your transcription jobs

10. Translation Jobs

To become a successful translator, the most important is to have fluency in at least two languages. You don’t need any degree for this job but having graduation is a plus point. To do this job, you can use online sites to earn money from home. For example, if you are fluent in English and French language, you can get a ton of translation-related projects online.


Earning potential for a translator?

As a translator, you can expect $5 to $50 per page but mostly it will depend on what language you are working in and how efficient you are in that language.


 How to find translation jobs online?

Some best websites that provide translation jobs online and pay real money to translators are

11. Become a YouTuber

Becoming a Youtuber will be a good decision if you are a hard and smart worker with lots of patience. Because becoming a successful Youtuber is not an easy task. You need to build an online audience and it takes lots of time, hard work, and patience.

But it is not an impossible task also to become a successful Youtuber The only thing is you need to work for a long time with patience and don’t expect any quick income from your YouTube channel.


How much can you earn as a YouTuber?

The income potential is very good from the YouTube channel. To start income from a YouTube channel you need a decent number of subscribers who are interested to view your content.


How to make money from YouTube?

There are many ways to earn from youtube like affiliation marketing, ads, etc. Here are some common ways most Youtubers use to make money

AdSense:  To monetize your channel with AdSense you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time on your channel. But your earning will depend on the CPC of the keywords and your targeted audience region etc.

Affiliate marketing:  Affiliate marketing is one of the most used monetizing strategies. When someone purchases through your links you earn a commission.  You can promote millions of products.

Sponsorships:  There are a lot of good brands that are ready to sponsor your channel. You just analyze the top channel of your industry to find the brands they are promoting and then contact them to sponsor your channel.

FAQs about Work From Home Jobs Online In 2024


Maybe many of you have lots of queries regarding real work-from-home jobs. Next, I am going to discuss a few of them.

What are the best real online jobs for students? 

There is lots of option available for students to earn online but here is a real online jobs list. Here genuine online jobs options are mentioned because of good income potential

 Become an online tutor
 Become a freelancer
 Become a blogger


What are the best real work-from-home jobs without investment?

Here are some best online jobs

 Social Media


Are there any best online jobs from home for housewives and work-at-home moms?

There are lots of micro jobs you can look for
 Market research (content, video ideas, and so on)
 Keyword research
 Watching a video
 Writing reviews
 Giving testimonials and so on


What to find the best genuine online data entry jobs?

Here is a list of authentic sites that provide data entry jobs and pay real money to freelancers.



Best part-time online work from home to earn money?

Here is the list

 Freelance writing for others
 Data entry jobs
Finding micro gigs on Fiverr, Upwork, etc
 Online teaching using sites like Wiziq, Preply, etc
 Doing online surveys. The best websites are ySense, PrizeRebel
 Play games to get paid
 Work as a social media manager
 as a virtual assistant provide secretarial services to employers
 Start video editing
 work as an App developer
 Start Dropshipping


Bottom Line


You can earn real money by doing online jobs But it needs lots of patience and continuous hard work. Choose your favorite skills, master them, and sell them to the market to earn money. It is not always as simple as that. It takes lots of time, dedication, and patience. When you start earning, the job will be easier and you will love to do it more. There is plenty of opportunity to do the best online jobs from home to make money.

Update: due to the technological revolution ( Chat GPT, AI) many of the online jobs discussed above will not be in demand in the near future so when you choose a skill to prepare yourself for any online jobs. Please do more homework before taking any decision.