How can you achieve your goals – 3 Proven Steps

Have you ever thought about how a person acquires so much wealth in life? How can you achieve your goals? In normal cases, we have almost the same life expectancy but with the same amount of time, some of us making so much money that you can not ever imagine, how could they make it possible?

They train themselves in such a way that they can achieve their financial goal easily through their action, thoughts, and mindset about money. For instance, If I asked you how much money you want to earn, the reality is the maximum number of people’s answer will be like this:


a lot of money, As much as I can, I need a big amount of money so that I never need to work, I need a lot of money to secure my family and myself financially, I need a lot of money to get freedom, etc., etc.


In fact, your answer may be like this, Just look at all those answers, and how vague all these are. Now I ask you a question if you are told to help these guys then how much money you will give all of them? One million, two billion, five billion, now you understand how irrelevant all these answers are.

If GOD himself wishes to help all these guys then he also may be confused about how to help them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not their fault, it’s just they never think like this or they never get the environment to think correctly. Because we are so busy in our lives that we forget to look inside ourselves.



How can you achieve your goals

How can you achieve your goals?


what would I do to achieve my goals in life?

To achieve your goals in life the first thing is to define your goal very specifically, and very clearly so that you can imagine it in your memory means your memory always holds a clear picture of your goal all the time, it needs to be so clear that you can dream it and feel the reality when you are dreaming your goal. If your goal is this much clear to you then the time will come when you start feeling the bit-by-bit taste of the success of your goal day by day.

At starting the progress toward your goal will be very slow, and tends to be negligible, at this particular point in time or you could say at this phase almost everyone left the goal, you could say quit the goal in thinking that it is not working and try something else.

The only thing that can help you in this situation is if you define your goal rightly, in the sense if your goal is clear to you enough then it will motivate you to continue the work towards your goal, This will give you enough motivation, courage, and willpower to continue. Later on, the process became pretty much automatic, and the progress of your goal started to show up. Now you can imagine how important it is to define your goal so correctly.


Goal achieving is a slow process you need to stick to it

Now the question is why it is too slow and not showing any progress toward your goal at the starting phase. Your goal may be anything like weight loss, accumulating wealth, etc, etc. The answer is compounding effects need time to show up.

Compounding not only work with money it is also similarly applicable to your small habits whether it is good or bad. If today any small bad habit does not bother you and continue doing that then one day it will bother you because every day you waste a small amount of time and energy that will compound in the long run and suddenly it will show up.

Every small action taken towards your goal will not show up at the starting phase because it takes time to compound all your small actions and after a significant amount of time passes by it will start to show up. Now I believe that you have a fair understanding of the cycle or phases of achieving any goal.


You need to learn how to rewire your mental framework

I am quite confident that up until now you have a fair understanding of how can you achieve your goal and the working pattern of any successful goal in real life. Financial education is more important in life to make the right decision at the right time and to achieve financial freedom. If we talk about 25 to 30 years back, only people aged above forty only became millionaires but things have changed now, and you will find people millionaires at the age of 30.

If they can then you also can do it. They are not printing money, they also live in the same economy where you live, the amount of money in the economy is the same for you and also the same for him.

But the difference is they are able to accumulate more and you can not. The main problem is your perception of money and your approach towards money. You need to work on your perceptions, you need to look into your inside, work on your approach towards money, you need to rewire your concepts about money and how money works. You need to reboot yourself and find a better version yourself.


You will never regret an investment if you make that investment on yourself. The sole purpose of this website is to guide you to achieve the freedom you want. You may struggle or find a way to achieve your financial freedom or maybe time freedom, if this is what you are searching for then you will find lots of financial tools and useful information and guidance to achieve the freedom you want.