The Intelligent Investor’s Guide: Rewiring Your Brain for Financial Success


The Journey Within: Work on your thoughts or beliefs to become successful

Start Asking yourself how to know yourself better, Discovering yourself is an art and you need to learn it. It is very important to understand what are the things you are good at or you have an extra edge. Let me give you an example so that you can understand what is an extra edge.

You need to understand the mindset of the wealthy people. Financially successful people train their minds in such a way that they can easily judge the real opportunity that exists in front of them. They develop their brain to judge whether the opportunities in front of them are real or if the opportunity suits their personality or their risk model.

The very first thing is you need to understand who you are, what thoughts arise in your mind, how your thoughts arise, and what beliefs you hold about money. It need not be a good belief only, can be bad also, you need to understand how your brain responds and processes information then you can work on your thoughts or beliefs to change or modify them to become a new version of yourself that are going to discuss next. Don’t worry you will get all the answers step by step.


Unlocking Your Potential: Discovering Personal Strengths and Success

Create a mental framework to achieve financial success. These people are creating their mental framework in such a way that they earn mastery in finding opportunities and judging them as per their risk model. Now the question is these people never lose or never fail. The answer is yes, they fail too but their failure is not on TV or not on the news but their success is. They also fail many times, they are not made of gold.

But there is a big difference between their failure and normal people’s failure. When they fail, they learn a lesson from their failure, unless normal people feel scared, tensed, and feels so fearful that it seems the world is ending there, that was the only opportunity they failed, and that failure defines their identity later on.


On the other hand, here is the difference in thinking and mindset of a financially successful man, they learned the lesson from their failure and make changes in their mental framework and look for the next opportunity and this time they do it faster, bigger, and more importantly they do it repeatedly without fear of failure. So the question is how you can develop a mental framework that suits you and your personality that will help you to achieve financial success.

Remember the mental framework needs to suit you and your personality otherwise, you will feel fear at the time of choosing an opportunity and make the wrong decision or you will not able to install the framework inside you properly. Both of these possibilities are there. Both of these reasons can keep you away a long time from getting success.

Yes, it is possible to develop a mental framework to become financially successful but the main thing is you need the willpower and lots of patience to go through the process and adapt yourself and your mind setup accordingly. For more information regarding this read our blog post Framework to develop a money mindset.


Discovering Yourself


Accept the changes in your belief system – that block you from making more money

The main thing is you need to be open-minded enough to accept the changes in your belief system, it may be for various things like your thoughts about society, your belief about money that blocks you from making more money, etc. All these changes will come your way when you start transforming yourself. You have to accept that when you start trying to modify any belief.

This is neither a single-day process or not information on a piece of paper that you read and digest or memories.  Please don’t cram the information that I am trying to convey later in these blog posts. I called it a framework to be used to modify your thought process and any wrong belief about money that you have held for a long time.

It’s not your fault to hold any wrong belief. Beliefs are installed automatically in you as you grow up and it is a simultaneous process. Now it’s your job to tap into those wrong beliefs that you hold from a long time ago and modify them for your benefit.


Discovering yourself – a Better Version of You

Breaking Free: Overcoming Mental Conditioning in Decision-Making

If you try to cramp the information then you do not understand the concept, you are not going to understand the logic behind this concept and hence it will not work for you. Your brain will not assist you to understand it, rather your brain will resist you to think calmly and digest the concept. You will feel like you understand it but from inside there is nothing changes happen in you. These changes in you are extremely crucial to building a new version of you who wants to live the life as you think currently.

How do your body’s survival mechanisms affect you? Do you know sometimes your brain is more obedient to your body than you? This means your brain sometimes works for your body and you feel that you are the master of your brain and you instruct your brain to do that work. Now the question is why I am telling all of these to you. This is not peace information to share with you, I am telling this because all of these happen due to the protective or survival mechanism of our body.

So how do these survival mechanisms affect you? Suppose when you feel hungry or tired, your body needs food or rest to protect and repair itself and your brain responds to this requirement. When you need to do some hard work or something that makes you feel uncomfortable but you still know doing that work will be beneficial for you, your brain will resist you from doing that work due to the survival mechanism.

This is why most people love to spend hours and hours taking rest because, without your direct consent, your brain’s protective mechanism starts working in favor of your body, and at the same time you feel good and refreshed. The funniest thing is that now you are an observer of the fact that you are resting and you have urgent work to do. You become the observer of these things because you are now aware of this phenomenon of humans.


How to be the best version of yourself

I am pretty confident that up until now you have had no confusion about what I have just explained to you and I assume that you believe everything happens in real life,  and you can connect with all these. Now, you as a single entity, a single human monitor all these that I just explained above.

Now tell me one thing there must be something inside you that helps your mind to understand your brain working or your brain’s thinking pattern that I just explained above. Notice you are trying to monitor the activity of your brain by yourself. This special power of humans is given by a GOD called Intelligence. So you are driven by the mind and your mind is driven by the combination of your brain and your intelligence.

Your brain is mechanical meaning it does not understand itself, just like a device that runs when you switch it on and stops when you switch it off but is not able to understand why is running, or how long needs to run, it did not understand itself, but running with the predefined sets of principles that have already installed in it.

But in the case of humans, you can understand yourself, just like right now we are trying to understand the brain which means there is something beyond the brain that beyondness called intelligence i.e. the capacity of the mind to understand itself or anything. You can think your brain is like any modern electronic gadget that has a memory associated with it and an automatic deletion process associated with it. So in a nutshell your brain is pretty much an automatic machine. Before I explain why I say your brain is an automatic machine you need to understand a few things.

At this point, I am pretty much sure that you have enough information about the brain. Now I need you to understand how our brain works, how our brain processes information, and how it responds when it needs to respond.


how do i know myself better


How to figure out what are beliefs you hold


Plasticity of Possibilities: How Brain Plasticity Shapes Beliefs and Personal Development

Before we understand how the brain works, we need to understand the properties and behavior of our brain. For example, you pass through an experience and the experience needs to create a permanent scar (marks) on the mind. I would say you do not completely pass through the experience, a residue of that experience is left and the residue of the experience is called conditioning.

Have you ever heard about the property of the material called Elasticity, For Example when a rubber or plastic is banned (stretched) and released, it comes back to its previous shape called elasticity. Just like elasticity brain has an almost similar property in that it keeps registering everything. Every experience that the brain goes through leaves a permanent scar or mark on it. This is called the plasticity of the brain. The plasticity itself is a source of conditioning.

Think like this, whatever happens to you in days in or days out, every single experience leaves a scar, a mark, a stain on the mind, this is called conditioning. Now you have a clear understanding of brain conditioning and plasticity.

Take your time think calmly about yourself and try to figure out what the conditioning you hold from your past. The source of this conditioning could be anything like your family background, how you’re brought up, or even a single incident of a road accident that happened many years ago in front of you and you see people are not helping others which makes you believe that society is so cruel.

I already told you before and again I am telling you here, that no one can help you if you don’t try to help yourself if you don’t understand yourself and did not find out who you are actually, the original version of you then nothing will change.

So, you pass through an experience, what does this experience give, it provides knowledge. So, now you understand the brain, you should understand the knowledge also. Knowledge is the mark of any experience in memory. You go through an experience and the memory of that experience is called knowledge one thing you must remember is all knowledge is necessarily from the past.

Now the question is can there be knowledge without conditioning? The answer is yes, there can be knowledge without conditioning. Knowledge is a collection of memories of various experiences. Whereas conditioning is the permanent deformation, that is caused in the brain due to an experience.


Understand the difference between knowledge and information

A memory is a recollection of a sequence of events, which is called knowledge whereas that knowledge is not the data, not the information but it is leaving a permanent mark on the thinking process itself, which is called conditioning.

For Example, you normally hear that the first boy in your class has very good knowledge, why? Because every year he or she scored the highest marks in exams? This is not because of knowledge but because of the information, he gathered for his exam. Now you differentiate between knowledge and information.

For example, in childhood, you have a bad experience when you are playing with a dog and you have negative thinking about dogs that every dog is harmful. Till the time you see other kids playing and enjoying themselves with dogs. Till the time you did not try to play with dogs and did not try to modify your belief, you may live with this conditioning that “every dog is harmful”. But the reality is not every dog is harmful.

It was the situation that makes you feel that way but the reality is different. It is very hard to overcome or modify any belief that you have because it is a reality to you at that moment. Later in this blog, I will provide you with some tools to do this step by step.

This is the reason why when you slowly try to modify your belief that sits inside you, you will get a strong resistance from your inside because one portion of your brain does not like to change or does not want to come out of your comfort zone.



Living in the Present: Mindful Approaches to Decision-Making and Personal Growth

If your brains are pretty much automatic machines then as humans we are automatic. As I discussed earlier, all that the brain does is very much mechanical, like an instrument, it records all things automatically and of course, there is an automatic deletion process because we cannot remember everything till today, not even the last six hours what you see, you cannot recall all these. So the brain is pretty much an automatic machine.

Now, we human beings are also automatic? The answer is not; the very fact that we are discussing and understanding the brain means that we are something beyond the brain.

 A machine cannot understand itself, what it doing, and why it is doing but as humans, we are trying to understand the brain which means we are something beyond the brain, that beyondness called intelligence. Intelligence is nothing but the capacity of our mind to understand. This capacity no machine possesses. The capacity of the mind to understand itself or anything.

So whenever we are functioning in an automatic way that is called condition behavior like sudden mood off without proper reason and whenever we can understand that behavior that is the function of Intelligence.

So, intelligence is one kind of understanding whereas when we understand what is going on that is called intelligence. It is an understanding.


how to find one's true self

Now when our intelligent mind understands the workings of our brain then it finds that our brain is pretty much mechanical. For example, in the process of what we are doing right now, we trying to understand how the brain is so very automatic and so susceptible to conditioning.

These understandings only happen with attention. Intelligence attains only attention. You could understand these in this way, the output of intelligence is called understanding, and the environment in which the intelligence can function is called attention.

Now understand, that humans simultaneously behave in two ways:

  1. On one hand, we are Intelligence
  2. On the other hand, we are totally conditioning, mechanical

So, the mind is the sum of two things that are different. When the mechanical part of our mind is active then we call it bondage or conditioning if intelligence dominates then we call it understanding.

Now observe and practice yourself every time you make any financial decision or I would say when taking any decision which part of you takes control at that moment. Analyse yourself Make it a regular habit. In the beginning, you will face difficulties but it will get smooth as time passes by. You have to use your intelligence to modify your beliefs. Now you have the understanding of how to figure out what the conditioned behavior is.


When can Intelligence Operate?

Intelligence only can operate on attention. Intelligence does not come from anywhere, the moment an environment of attention is created, and intelligence automatically begins to function. Or you could say, that intelligence is always there, the moment you give it an environment of attention its functioning becomes available to you.

So you could say intelligence is like a seed that already has everything but till the time you do not give it to the environment, it does not sprout. Seeds take time to sprout but intelligence does not take time. You start understanding things instantly whenever the right environment is provided.

Now, the brain where does it get content from?

The brain gets its content from past experiences. So, everything the brain has is a result of the past. Everything that is contained in the brain comes from the past and the past is time.


The Power of Now: Cultivating a Money Mindset for Lasting Financial Well-Being


Before starting your Journey to self-discovery – it is important to start thinking in the right direction. Now what does the brain do? How does it operate? The brain operates in duality. What is called duality? Characteristics of duality are:

  1. It has two sides and those two sides look opposite of each other.
  2. That the two sides always co-exist.
  3. And one side can disappear, only with the disappearance of the other side.

Examples are good and evil, sorrow and happiness, similarly past and future are two sides of duality.

Now, the brain has accumulated the past. Is the past there? Is past any more there? The answer is no. What does the brain have then, an image of the past, memory? An image by definition is not real. So, the past is not there anymore.

Similarly, if the brain creates an image of time to come that is called as future.

So, the brain is full of past memories and is always wandering into the future. Past and the future, are the only two places where the brain keeps wandering.

You can say that the brain is a product of time and it keeps wandering in time. The brain is time itself. All the time and everything that happened to it is stored in it and keeps wandering in time.

This is why, all of us are so full of memory of the past and hope for the future. Conditioning also happens in time. This is the reason, why we are always wandering either in memory of the past or in the hopes of the future.

All hopes that arise in our minds come from the memories of the past. All you can say is that all hopes of the future are dependent upon knowledge. And what is knowledge, where it comes from, it comes from the past. For example, if I say do you have a dream to buy ‘INIHGROBMAL’? Probably you don’t have hope or desire to buy that. Because you have no knowledge of ‘INIHGROBMAL’ from the past you do not hope for ‘INIHGROBMAL’ in the future.

Now, if I start educating you about ‘INIHGROBMAL’ then some of you who read this begin to hope of ‘INIHGROBMAL’ or projected for the future. For your test now I am going to share with you what it means by ‘INIHGROBMAL’. I just write the word ‘LAMBORGHINI’ in reverse, this is a super luxury car. Now notice maybe some of you begin to hope for this.


mindset of the wealthy


How to figure out what are beliefs you hold

So, when I say past and future are duality means they are always together. We keep on thinking of the future as something new. Don’t you think that I want a new future for myself? But the future is never new. Because all hopes for the future are based on the memory of the past. We keep fooling ourselves about the new future.

All hopes and imaginations of the future are necessarily from the past. Now where does the intelligence operate then? Intelligence operates in the environment of attention. And what point of time? It operates at ‘present’. Here ‘present’ actually does not even refer to time. Time is past and future, the ‘present’ is such a small amount that it cannot be right to call it a moment. It is not even a point in time. The present is just attention.

Our brain keeps roaming in the memory of our past and future, on the other hand, intelligence operates in the present moment, you can call it timelessness. Intelligence is in right now. The function of the brain is to keep imagining, keep dreaming whereas the function of intelligence is to understand at present. Have you noticed the difference between your understanding and your Imagining?

why do I discuss all these with you? I discussed all these with you with the hope that now you can figure out which part of your mind takes over when you make a real-time decision. I am trying to give you a tool that helps you to understand the foolishness of the brain and find out who you are, understand your thoughts, Find your beliefs, and build the better version of you who deserves the far better life that you live today. Here is a quick quiz for you to test yourself on how you understand up until now.

Q: Which part of us imagine?

The answer is mechanical or conditioning and all imagination comes from experience.

Q: Where imagination does take us?

The answer is in the future.

Q: What does intelligence do?

The answer is “Understand”.


How to find one’s true self

Rewiring Beliefs: Techniques for Transforming Your Mindset and Achieving Success

Your Brain is your most dangerous Enemy. Sometimes it is impossible to change any beliefs in your whole life, you could think like, your positive beliefs are positive energy and negative beliefs are negative energy. Now you can not destroy the energy but can transform it from one form to another form. This is why modifying any beliefs is quite easy rather than trying to change them. Modifying any belief needs much less effort and time than changing any belief.

Now we are going to understand how our brain is conditioned, this will help you to understand what beliefs you hold, and how they develop. The brain thinks that reality lies in the past or the future and keeps roaming here and there. But the moment you are attentive, you see the stupidity of all these, and then you find that you are living in patterns, you are living in the past. You are living a dead life.

Past is not true because it is lost, it is finished. The future is also not true because it came from your past. Now the only true thing is ‘Present’. So the intelligence called the brain boss wakes up but the brain does not wake up because it is just like a mechanical device. It has no power to wake up. It will keep on doing what it needs to do, its condition doings.

So, the brain which is conditioned, brain already knows what it has to do. For example, have you ever decided what should be your pulse rate, have you decided what height you must grow? The color of your eyes or your daily body functions like your digestion, do you ever decide how things will be digested, do you even know the entire process of digestion, we simply don’t know. The brain condition takes care of these things. It is pre-programmed to do that. The brain knows what to do and when to do it. All these are happening automatically in your brain.

Have you ever noticed, who is controlling your blood pressure? Your brain is conditioned to do that. When you go to the sun, the moment the temperature rises, a cooling process starts, and your body starts sweating, who is responsible for doing that, your brain is responsible for doing that. Your brain is an efficient machine which is functioning automatically.

Now you understand why I previously said our brain is an automatic machine that works pretty much automatically at the start of this blog. You are now able to identify the old belief that you hold from a long time ago. Start working on those beliefs as I said earlier in these blog posts if you want to modify or change them.


How to be the best version of yourself


When does the automatic behavior of the brain become dangerous for us?

Above mentioned all these are a function of the brain, till the time it is limited to that, it is all right But in reality what happens is, that these carry-on effects of the brain are not only limited to maintaining an effective body, it starts interfering in our daily life, it starts interfering in the way we look at our relationship, in the way we want, we talk, in the way we look at the world, then there is a problem. Now do you agree with an example I gave at the start of this post about why people love to sit on the sofa for hours and hours?

Let me explain in more depth, what kind of digestion you have, that can come from the past because the process of digestion need not change in hundreds or two hundred years, or even three hundred years. It is all right but it is not all right if you carry the same attitude as the man who lived five hundred years back day.

You are here today, and you must look at the world totally from a fresh perspective and that is the function of intelligence that can operate only in attention.

So, in conclusion, we can say the conditioning of the brain helps us to some extent to perform day-to-day functions.

Without basic minimum conditioning, physical life would become impossible. So conditioning is helpful only to that extent but conditioning becomes very, very dangerous when it starts interfering with the way one looks around, Your perception of the world, your vision of the future, everything. So focusing on these will make you the best version of yourself. Hope this helps.