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Excel 2024: From Basic to Advanced. The Most Exhaustive Guide to Become a Pro in Less Than 7 Days and Master All the Functions & Formulas. Includes Practical Examples and Step-by-Step Instructions
George Wahlberg

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Do you wish to perfect your Microsoft Excel knowledge to unlock its full range of functions, especially those most useful for individual users and businesses?

Are you looking for a guide that will take away the guesswork from the whole process and even show you cool shortcuts that will save you valuable time while making sure that you unlock functions you probably didn’t even think existed yet are very helpful?

If you’ve answered YES, Let This Book Help You Understand Microsoft Excel Excel Inside Out So You Can Make The Most Of What It Was Meant To Do!

Microsoft Excel is powerful. That’s why it is a go-to tool for individuals and organizations around the world – because it supports functions that are useful for individual users and those that can be used for enterprise-level processing. And if you see what anyone with a strong background in Microsoft Excel Excel can do with the program, you will want to learn about it to streamline so many things in your life.

But where do you start?

What functions are most important for beginners?
How do you use the different functions and make the most of them?
How do you take your usage of the program to the next level so you move from just entering data and doing simple arithmetic to advanced computation that helps you make important decisions?
If you have these and other related questions, this book is for you so keep reading.