AI For Excel Course

Are you ready to learn the future of Excel?

I will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in the rapidly shifting landscape of AI in Excel. You’ll learn how to leverage powerful AI tools like ChatGPT, Copilot, and the new AI-driven functions to unlock the full potential of Excel.

What does this course cover?

  • How to use ChatGPT to do anything in Excel, from the basics to advanced skills like formulas, VBA, and Python in Excel.  
  • Data analysis and visualization using a wide variety of AI tools.
  • The literal future of Excel with new AI functions that bring AI directly into the cells of the worksheet.
  • How to use Microsoft’s Copilot to leverage AI to accomplish tasks within Excel.  I’m not exaggerating when I say you’ll be able to create a dashboard in the click. of. a. button.

The Curriculum

Included in this course are lifetime access to all 7 modules of video lessons (available on any device), practice workbooks, a final assessment, and a bonus AI for Excel PDF Guide, so you’ll always be ready to take on any challenge in Excel!

  • 0.1 Welcome to the course
  • 0.2 How to make the most of this course
  • 0.3 Practice workbooks
  • 0.4 AI For Excel PDF Guide
  • 1.1 What is AI?
  • 1.2 AI Best Practices & Limitations
  • 1.3 Customize Your ChatGPT
  • 1.4 The Prompting Principles
  • 2.1 Accomplish Anything in Excel with ChatGPT
  • 2.2 Clean Data with ChatGPT
  • 2.3 Pivot Table Prep with ChatGPT
  • 2.4 Custom & Conditional Formatting with ChatGPT
  • 2.5 Compare Data with ChatGPT
  • 2.6 Convert PDF Data into Excel with ChatGPT
  • 3.1 Explaining Formulas with ChatGPT
  • 3.1 Writing Formulas with ChatGPT
  • 3.3 Troubleshooting Formulas with ChatGPT
  • 3.4 VBA with ChatGPT
  • 3.5 Python in Excel with ChatGPT
  • 4.1 Browse & Edit Data Insights Inside Excel
  • 4.2 Create Custom Charts & Pivot Tables Inside Excel
  • 4.3 Discover Trends & Calculate Insights Inside Excel
  • 4.4 Create Complex Charts with ChatGPT
  • 4.5 Create Complex Charts with Python in Excel
  • 4.6 Analyze Data with ChatGPT
  • 5.1 Introducing the LABS.GENERATIVEAI Function
  • 5.2 Generate Lists & Research Data with LABS
  • 5.3 Extract Data with LABS
  • 5.4 Summarize Text & Write Responses with LABS
  • 5.5 Write & Explain Formulas with LABS
  • 6.1 Getting Started with AI.ASK
  • 6.2 Analyze Data with AI.ASK
  • 6.3 Reformat Text with AI.FORMAT & AI.TRANSLATE
  • 6.4 Fill Data with AI.FILL & AI.EXTRACT
  • 6.5 Generate Lists with AI.LIST & AI.TABLE
  • 6.6 Clean Data with AI.LIST
  • 7.1 What is Copilot?
  • 7.2 Write & Explain Formulas with Copilot
  • 7.3 Sort, Filter, and Highlight Data with Copilot
  • 7.4 Analyze Data with Copilot

Why Should I Know AI for Excel?

Career Opportunities
AI and Excel are two of the most in-demand skills across a wide variety of industries.

Save Hours of Work
You can leverage AI to automate tedious tasks to save you hours (and headaches).

Unlock Excel’s Full Potential
Lean on AI and your creativity to achieve anything you can imagine with Excel.

Meet Amit

Amit is the Founder of, an Engineer, a Microsoft Certified Trainer & Automation Expert in Excel by Profession with fourteen years of Corporate and In-Practice experience as of Now.

After working in multiple MNC’s specialized areas in Engineering & Automation, I found my passion in AI with Excel Training and Automation. Aimed to help other Executive and Managerial level professionals by providing top quality skill training, AI automation tricks, and productivity hacks to help them achieve their professional goals faster and save time on their regular tasks so that they can spend more time with family, friends or even can think to start side hustle.

I have trained over 2 lac professionals along with conducting training across many esteemed institutions and companies across India and many more esteemed forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

I was completely blown away by what I learned about the emerging AI for Excel landscape.

Revolutionary doesn’t quite begin to cover it. To unlock the potential for you to do literally anything in Excel – yes, anything – without the wasted time, headaches, and, dare I say, tears, that come with learning more advanced Excel features. If I’d had these tools when I was starting out as an analyst, I would have saved literally hundreds of hours at work.

I knew you guys would need access to this information stat, so I went to work building this that covers everything you need to know about working with AI to achieve your Excel dreams with ease.

The early learner

Learn how to leverage AI to help you accomplish anything in Excel, even without prior knowledge. We start from the ground up in this course, covering the basics all the way up to advanced. You are guaranteed to walk away from this course feeling confident to take on anything in Excel.

“Proficient” in Excel

Take your skills from proficient to advanced by leveraging AI. We meet you where you are and give you the tips & tricks to save hours by automating the tasks you are proficient in.

The Advanced User

AI is one of the hottest skills in demand right now, so even if you are advanced in Excel, you’ll want to evolve with the technology. You’ll also learn how to automate Excel tasks, leveraging AI to save you hours.

For $149, you’ll get:

-7 modules, totaling 36 lessons

-A 14-page AI For Excel PDF guide

-Practice workbooks

-End of course quiz

-Certificate of completion
If your company has a professional development fund, you should ask your supervisor to expense your course! Even if it doesn’t, it is still worth asking about. An investment in your professional skills is an investment in the success of the company.
The course includes about 3 hours of videos. The best part is, you can start and stop the course whenever you’d like. Whether you prefer to binge watch the course, or watch a lesson on your lunch break, you are free to take the course at whatever pace you’d would like!
Yes! All students will have lifetime access to all the lessons and all the materials included in the course. The best part about this is you can reference back to any of the lessons at any time, so if you run into an Excel problem and don’t remember the solution, just watch the lesson again!
This course was created on a PC, but it is for a Mac or PC user. One thing to note is that it covers how to use some tools, such as Python in Excel, that aren’t available yet on a Mac.
Yes! You will receive a certificate of completion whenever you finish the course.
This course requires you to have Excel. However, we do not include Excel with purchase.